Dated: 24th September 2020


Standard Terms:

The agreement to participate on a tour with “MOOR to SEA” establishes a formal contract between “MOOR to SEA” (we) and (you) the guest(s). Guests might also be referred to as “passengers”, MOOR to SEA might also be referred to as “us”. It is accepted that at least 24 hrs before the commencement of the tour that a formal agreement is to be signed by / or on behalf of each individual guest. The signing of the agreement formally acknowledges that the terms and conditions have been read and accepted.

  1. The choice of tour on a particular day of your choosing (dependent on availability) is down to you and your party and not by us.
  2. We will not mix groups. Once a tour has been booked and deposit paid then that particular day will be closed to any other guests or groups.
  3. Your tour guide is Nigel Makin
  4. In the unfortunate circumstances that Nigel is not available to be your guide on the day of the tour through ill health for example then a full refund will be administered. We will give you as much notice as possible under these unfortunate circumstances.
  5. Your tour vehicle is a 2016 Land Rover Discovery (the vehicle).
  6. In the unfortunate circumstances that the vehicle is not available on the day of the tour through break down for example then a full refund of all monies paid to date will be administered.
  7. Tours will be agreed up front based on one of our premier tours or bespoke tours requested / instructed by you.
  8. Tours will only be confirmed / secured once we have your


  • Home address
  • Accommodation address (a la collection address)
  • UK based mobile
  • Current e mail address
  • Terms and conditions have been agreed to and accepted

Confirmed in writing (preferably via e mail).


Disclaimer: will be read and signed by each individual guest of the tour before commencement, you will not be allowed to participate on the tour without signing the “disclaimer”, a copy of the disclaimer will be forwarded to you in advance of the tour to enable you to read it and understand it. If possible, the disclaimers (one for each passenger) should be signed before the day of the tour, enabling an efficient start to the tour on the day. Any monies paid to date will not be refunded under the scenario  that the tour cannot take place due to non signing of the disclaimer.


Bookings, payments and cancellations:

  1. Tours / bookings will be confirmed by us via e mail.
  2. Tours / bookings will become secure (ie nobody else can secure that day) once the non-refundable deposit has been paid.
  3. A non refundable deposit to the value of 50% of the tour will be required to reserve and secure the tour.
  4. The second payment of 50% will be made between 24hrs and 48hrs before the day of the tour. This ensures there aren’t any delays on the day of the tour due to poor mobile coverage, guests forgetting to bring their cards, cash machines not being available.
  5. Payment can be made securely on line, via the telephone or by BACS.
  6. Deposits and final payments will only be refunded in the unlikely circumstances that we cannot service the tour, for example through illness or vehicle breakdown.
  7. Refunds will NOT be issued due to circumstances beyond our control for example bad weather, road closures.
  8. Tour fees include pick up from and drop off at your accommodation address assuming its within a 15 mile radius of Paignton railway station (TQ4 6AF). An agreed additional mileage charge will be payable beyond this.
  9. We do not allow the consumption of food or beverage in the vehicle.


The tours

  1. A brief “agreed” itinerary of the tour will be e mailed to you the day before the tour
  2. The tour will be based on one of our premier tours which are highlighted on our web site
  3. Alternatively we offer you the option of a bespoke tailored tour based on your own particular requirements, we reserve the right to finalise the itinerary based on time and mileage.
  4. Tours will commence with collection at 0845hrs outside your accommodation (or as near to it as possible)
  5. Tours will complete drop off at 1715hrs outside your accommodation (or as near to it as possible)
  6. We will make best endeavour to abide by these timings but reserve the right to have some discrepancy due to unforeseen circumstances for example a “road traffic accident”
  7. We reserve the right to adjust the tour on the day for reasons such as weather, guests wearing inappropriate clothing, road traffic accidents
  8. We will always endeavor to give you the best possible experience on the day


Tours include:

  1. Collection outside your chosen accommodation
  2. Drop off outside your chosen accommodation
  3. Car parking charges
  4. All vehicle costs including diesel, tax and insurance
  5. Your tour guide
  6. Fresh chilled water
  7. The agreed itinerary
  8. Lots of fun


Tours do NOT include

  1. Food
  2. Beverages except for chilled water
  3. Entry fees to attractions


Insurance, licences and liabilities

  1. The vehicle is licensed for private hire by South Hams District Council.
  2. Your driver is a licensed private hire driver authorised by South Hams District Council.
  3. We are licensed to pick up and drop off passengers only when it is pre booked through out the UK at pre agreed locations.
  4. We are licensed to carry fee paying passengers who have pre booked a fare / tour.
  5. We are NOT licensed to make ad hoc street pick ups or hailed down from the road side.
  6. We are insured to carry up to 6 x fee paying passengers.
  7. Our passengers / guests are fully insured whilst in the confines of the vehicle.
  8. Our passengers / guests are NOT insured once they step outside the vehicle.
  9. Our driver holds a current DBS certificate.
  10. All information on our web site is correct to the best of our knowledge and at time of going to press. We hold no responsibility for incorrect information or the interpretation thereof.
  11. Pictures, photographs and graphics are posted on our web site purely as an indication of the destinations, environments and attractions. These may differ in reality due to such things as weather and time of year.
  12. We will not be held responsible for misinterpretation of any information on our web site or any other form of communication.
  13. All tours are undertaken at the guests’ own risk. All tours will require some walking, and we will endeavour to tailor this to your parties’ mobility and ability. If you are unsure about the level of fitness of any of your party for this tour, please bring this to our attention prior to booking. Personal fitness and any medication condition or medication being taken that might affect your health on participating in any of our tours must be notified to us in writing via email prior to the tour.
  14. Moor to Sea accept no liability or obligation in the event of any injury, death, illness, loss of property or damage to personal property.
  15. We highly recommend personal accident insurance and holiday insurance is taken out (for each guest) to cover for unforeseen circumstances which could lead to tour cancellation
  16. All food and beverage items consumed are at the participants’ risk and responsibilities, we accept no liabilities in this incidence.
  17. We reserve the right to photograph any element of your tour which could include photographs of your party, these photographs may be used to promote MOOR to SEA either on our web site or any other social media outlet. We will not photograph minors (under 16’s) without the consenting adults’ permission.


  1. Materials and itineraries issued to you by us, whether in electronic or hard copy or any other format are all personal copyrights of MOOR to SEA tours without exception, and are not to be reproduced in part, in whole, or distributed to any Third Party in any form without permission in writing of the copyright holder. Any breach of this could culminate in a civil matter.


If you require further clarification of any of the terms and conditions above then please contact us direct.