For the 2023 season we’ve upgraded our vehicle from the Land Rover Discovery to a Mercedes Benz V220d people carrier. This will give you, improved levels of comfort (captain style seats in the first row) moor leg room,  better accessibility and better facilities in terms of charging, USB points and cup holders. From our point of view, the Mercedes has improved fuel efficiency, moor cost effective in terms of servicing and importantly improved CO2 levels by 20%. We hope you share our enthusiasm and excitement in this investment, enjoy the ride!!

Without doubt its one of the few if only 7 x seater with the grunt to get its payload around some challenging roads, particularly if those roads are being navigated in the winter months. The leg room, visibility and comfort with its air suspension is class leading, with each passenger getting their own seat.


Additional facilities include First Aid kit, fire extinguisher, chilled water bottles and individual ponchos in case of heavy rain. Choice of vehicle is integral to a successful enjoyable tour, and we believe we’ve ticked all the boxes with this superb carriage.